Flying Bikini
Cocktail Recipe

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Cocktail Ingredients:
1. Orange Juice - 5.1 oz.
2. Brandy - 1 oz.
3. Orgeat Syrup - 0.68 oz.
4. Spiced Rum - 1 oz.
5. Orange Curacao - 1 oz.
6. Strawberry Liqueur - 1 oz.

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:

blend brandy, orange curacao, orange lemon juice, orgeat syrup with half scoop of crush ice make it smooth and pour into bottom of hurricane glass after blend spiced rum, strawberry bols and grenadine, with half scoop of crush ice make it frozen and pour on top of the first mix. Should be two frozen layer yellow and red, put all the garnish on top of the drink.

Serve in a Hurricane Glass

Flying Bikini in a Hurricane Glass