Grain Punch
Cocktail Recipe

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Cocktail Ingredients:
1. Ice - 3
2. Grain Alcohol - 10
3. Fruit - _
4. Kool-aid (Fruit Punch / Red) - 5

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:

First and foremost, BUY A NEW GARBAGE CAN, and wash it out thoroughly!!!!! (Preferably the big ones 40-55gal). First Pour in all of the Grain (10 bottles of 1.75ml [Handle]), keep in mind that this recipe is for a Large Party, not 10 people sitting around getting loaded.....Anyway, next add the dry packets of mix. We used to get the largest industrial bags we could, don't go for quality, you're not going to remember anyway. Now this is the most critical part, the fruit. This is why I put this on here...any joker can make punch, but I figured I would distribute my years of fruit research for free....the Best friends you have in the Fruit community are the Orange and the Apple. This is because they absorb the grain better than anything else I tested. So make sure you get some of these in every glass you get, and eat them, DON'T EVER THROW THESE OUT, this is the best part of the drink. Bananas suck, they get gushy, watermelon works ok but the seeds get to be a pain in the ass when you can't see so well, pineapple is good, basically you get the point. Cut the fruit into wedges and throw it in the mix and let it sit around for a minute...Now throw in the bags of ice and fill it up to desired potency with water, mixing can be done with a canoe paddle or a 2x4 or anything else you've got lying around...a disposable camera is usually a good partner while drinking this concoction, people get really outta hand and go off the deep end.....This goes well as an ice block shot too.

Serve in a Shot Glass

Grain Punch in a Shot Glass