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Black Poison Cocktail Recipe Review:

Hello there, it's me again writing about alcoholism and drinking (as usual).

Today I would like to recommend you one very interesting cocktail recipe called Black Poison. This cocktail is one of the most damaging cocktail drinks I've ever used and is more like a weapon for investigation and abuse which College and University students love to drink (at least in my university)

Ok so we need the recipe first:

For 1 shaker (3 cocktail glasses) we need:
  • 300ml Dry Red Wine (I use Bulgarian Mavrud but you can use whatever you can get your hands on)
  • 100ml Vodka (no matter what)
  • 100ml Whiskey (also no matter what)
  • 50ml Dry Vermouth(they are all the same anyway)
  • 50ml Schnapps(optional but recommended)
  • 50ml CuracaoBLUE (MUST HAVE! this gives the black color)

Ok then, If you have all the ingredients we are ready to start shaking! Pour all the alcohols in a shaker and shake well. You can put some ICE in the shaker to frost it for better taste. Then pour in Long Cocktail Glasses and server chilled.

This cocktail is one of the most effective ones that I've tried. It's very tasty, and its very hard to notice the alcohol in it if you are not aware of the ingredients. Since I introduced it in my university for less than a month it became the most popular cocktail drink in the city. Every night enormous amounts were drunk and next day many people didn't remember anything after the second glass.

The effect: After the first glass (200ml) you feel very good, relaxed, in a very nice party mood. You start speaking quitea lot and that's why I call this cocktail the InterrogationDrink because I use to give it to chicks on our first date when I want to know a lot about them.

After the second glass you are a bit intoxicated and this can affect your walking abilities, but you can dance that's for sure :-)

After more than two glasses you can hardly move. Most of the people that consumed more than three glasses are in a state of trance. They like it I guess because they say this is quite addictive experience.

The after effect is that you might have a slight headache and bad taste in the mouth but that comes with almostany cocktail drinks anyway.

I recommend all of you to give it a try, but please don't drink more than 4 glasses because you might get arrested or do something really stupid But if you do .. remember .. we are students and we are allowed to do things like that from time to time.

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